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We are never sure about the paths that our lives will take here on earth but death is a certainty. When we are no more a little ceremony is done to send us off to the other world. A good eulogy is always advised, for the respect of the deceased, family members, friends, and acquaintances present. A eulogy is given at a funeral service as well as at a memorial service. Its main purpose is to celebrate the deceased’s life and it can be done by a family member, a close friend or a religious leader conducting the service.

When giving a eulogy you should basically bid farewell to the deceased by expressing feelings and sharing feelings and experience that honor him/her. You should come out as expressing that it is painful that he/she died. A eulogy is a combination of both the formal and the informal style. Formal when you are describing the career, biography or the achievement the deceased made in life. Informal when you want to share stories or the good memories or experiences that the deceased was involved in.

Make the eulogy original. Talk to the family members, friends and neighbors to gather more information. They will help you get detailed information about the deceased so you will have enough content to write. The following are some of the things you can look at in your eulogy;

• Name/Nickname of the deceased

• The place and date of birth

• Family members

• Education

• Marriage, divorces, children

• Achievements in life

• Hobbies/interests

You may include many other details. When you have gathered all the things you are going to include in your eulogy, proceed and write a draft. Go through your draft and organize your information into three sections; Introduction, body and conclusion. Read the speech aloud as a way of practicing before the day of the memorial or funeral service. Your eulogy should not provide any answers but trigger reflection about the deceased’s life. What you have to avoid is negativity. Do not write anything to practice because the intention is to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Many articles about this topic and examples of a eulogy for different scenarios can be found on the internet. However, only few really adds value to readers.

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