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Looking for a way to get out of doing some classwork? We all have been there, including myself. Well I am here to tell you that it is possible. All a person needs is a doctors note. Nobody might’ve told you to use a doctor’s note template before. But now, you need to fight such ignorance and learn its helpfulness when you want to have some off. If you want to print a fake note go to ThePhilips1921.

vacation granted with the use of DR.NOTE

leave work, use a Doctorsnotes

Allow me to illustrate a story.

My nephew was looking to get out of school for a few days. He wasn’t sick or anything like that. He just wanted some time away. Every kid goes through this, even I did when I was his age.

Chris came to me one day and asked how he could successfully get out of doing schoolwork without drawing attention to himself. I told him to use a note from the doctor. He actually thought I was telling him to go see his doctor. So cute! One site for doctor’s notes is

Anyway, I told him I would help him out. I went online to this site that deals in excuse notes and doctor slips. It is all legit and real. I showed him the template for his school note. I then printed one out for him.

We filled it out. Chris thought he was going to get caught, I assured him he would not get caught. He just had to fill out all the information down to the letter. I helped him out. He is only 12. When you are 12 you are not really sure about anything. Make a fake doctor’s note to get out of school early. You can learn more here:

For this reason, you shouldn’t like to compromise your good moral standing at school by presenting a fake notes that you had just downloaded somewhere from the internet, right? To avoid such risk, you should look for dr notes that work great and as effective as a real one.

Chris submitted the excuse note to school. The school called me to verify that it was on the up-and-up. I told them it was. Chris got excused for about 10 days. How cool is that!

Here another great tip from the experienced and excuse experts that you might want to read.

The school never questioned him upon his return. The school assumed it was all legit. I told Chris not to get too attached to doing this. I told him he could only do this maybe once in a while. If not discreet in using a template of a dr. note, one can be expelled from school.

If any of you are looking to use an excuse note from a doctor to get out of something, please go to the official site just like I did. Make sure it’s the official site though. Do not get trapped by those fake sites that are offering the same thing. Good luck everyone in your search! You might also want to  check out these sites:

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