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Humor Saves Lives

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We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medecine. This video would prove that this is pretty much true. LEarn how this is possible here.


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Learn an improved type of exercise in the next video.

Health Risks of Dietary Supplements

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Don’t be so entertained by the sales talk. Take notice of your health by prescribing to a physician first.


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We are never sure about the paths that our lives will take here on earth but death is a certainty. When we are no more a little ceremony is done to send us off to the other world. A good eulogy is always advised, for the respect of the deceased, family members, friends, and acquaintances present. A eulogy is given at a funeral service as well as at a memorial service. Its main purpose is to celebrate the deceased’s life and it can be done by a family member, a close friend or a religious leader conducting the service.

When giving a eulogy you should basically bid farewell to the deceased by expressing feelings and sharing feelings and experience that honor him/her. You should come out as expressing that it is painful that he/she died. A eulogy is a combination of both the formal and the informal style. Formal when you are describing the career, biography or the achievement the deceased made in life. Informal when you want to share stories or the good memories or experiences that the deceased was involved in.

Make the eulogy original. Talk to the family members, friends and neighbors to gather more information. They will help you get detailed information about the deceased so you will have enough content to write. The following are some of the things you can look at in your eulogy;

• Name/Nickname of the deceased

• The place and date of birth

• Family members

• Education

• Marriage, divorces, children

• Achievements in life

• Hobbies/interests

You may include many other details. When you have gathered all the things you are going to include in your eulogy, proceed and write a draft. Go through your draft and organize your information into three sections; Introduction, body and conclusion. Read the speech aloud as a way of practicing before the day of the memorial or funeral service. Your eulogy should not provide any answers but trigger reflection about the deceased’s life. What you have to avoid is negativity. Do not write anything to practice because the intention is to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Many articles about this topic and examples of a eulogy for different scenarios can be found on the internet. However, only few really adds value to readers.

To know more about how to make eulogies go to


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Looking for a way to get out of doing some classwork? We all have been there, including myself. Well I am here to tell you that it is possible. All a person needs is a doctors note. Nobody might’ve told you to use a doctor’s note template before. But now, you need to fight such ignorance and learn its helpfulness when you want to have some off. If you want to print a fake note go to ThePhilips1921.

vacation granted with the use of DR.NOTE

leave work, use a Doctorsnotes

Allow me to illustrate a story.

My nephew was looking to get out of school for a few days. He wasn’t sick or anything like that. He just wanted some time away. Every kid goes through this, even I did when I was his age.

Chris came to me one day and asked how he could successfully get out of doing schoolwork without drawing attention to himself. I told him to use a note from the doctor. He actually thought I was telling him to go see his doctor. So cute! One site for doctor’s notes is

Anyway, I told him I would help him out. I went online to this site that deals in excuse notes and doctor slips. It is all legit and real. I showed him the template for his school note. I then printed one out for him.

We filled it out. Chris thought he was going to get caught, I assured him he would not get caught. He just had to fill out all the information down to the letter. I helped him out. He is only 12. When you are 12 you are not really sure about anything. Make a fake doctor’s note to get out of school early. You can learn more here:

For this reason, you shouldn’t like to compromise your good moral standing at school by presenting a fake notes that you had just downloaded somewhere from the internet, right? To avoid such risk, you should look for dr notes that work great and as effective as a real one.

Chris submitted the excuse note to school. The school called me to verify that it was on the up-and-up. I told them it was. Chris got excused for about 10 days. How cool is that!

Here another great tip from the experienced and excuse experts that you might want to read.

The school never questioned him upon his return. The school assumed it was all legit. I told Chris not to get too attached to doing this. I told him he could only do this maybe once in a while. If not discreet in using a template of a dr. note, one can be expelled from school.

If any of you are looking to use an excuse note from a doctor to get out of something, please go to the official site just like I did. Make sure it’s the official site though. Do not get trapped by those fake sites that are offering the same thing. Good luck everyone in your search! You might also want to  check out these sites:

How can you be punished for fake doctor notes?

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Hurry man

We are leaving in a time of deadlines; we are always in a hurry to finish our jobs. That could be very stressful and irritating sometimes. We all have our problems with deadlines, sometimes it’s hard to always be in such rush. The best way to adapt yourselves to this kind of life is to organize your time and yourself. You can make a schedule of your tasks organized them and make pauses that will allow you to get an energy and continue with work.

You can also grab a fake doctor’s note at sites like this one.

You might be thinking on how to obtain fake doctors excuse. The truth is, it’s not so hard. There are many fake notes available on many different websites. All you have to do is filter the notes you will see. Avoid using free notes that are downloadable because these notes are not working.

Remember that the economy is getting worse, everyone is in desperate need of money. So aren’t free goodies a little suspicious? Insisting to use a fake dr note that you had for free might not end up well, it might cause further complications. And cost you way more than a few bucks, which is the price for an authentic looking doctor note. Anyway, it’s your call.

This sounds very good in theory but we aren’t all well-organized people. It’s hard to act like a robot; you must admit that human nature is more spontaneous than a robotic one. And it seems like that is the main problem of modern time, how to learn to live and act like robots.

deadline (1)

Like a sociable being, human needs to have time. In human nature is disappearing with this so-called modern life. Many people can’t support that and they are trying to find solutions to make them easier to live fast. They just can’t stand it .One of the way to get the day off and relax at your home are fake doctor notes that are very popular nowadays.

You can find them everywhere, on the Internet they are so many sites with free templates. Sometimes it is enough to download them without signing up on the site, in other cases you have to make your account. And with a good printer your fake doctor notes is ready. Try grabbing a copy of a template of a doctor’s note and try to make a prank with someone you know and see if he will believe you.

During the history, it is well known that the fast way is not always the best one. An expert will always notice the difference between fake and real one. And nobody had taught about the consequences, this is still a criminal act. You can really pay a high price if you get caught. If you use them for school, that is during the studies you can be expelled. So I suggested that you think about it before you do decide to cheat, that that is to use them.

Therefore, after making up your mind and decided to do so these pointers would help you a lot. So take time to consider. These could be your only chance of having that extra day off, without your employer knowing the truth.

Doctor’s excuses are effective tools to have access to freedom from work or school. Whatsoever, the only thing that you should stock in your mind is the fact that you must do your best copying elements from another note or take the price and buy it online and let them make it for you. Make believable notes by using the tips from


Maybe it is better that you have a worse grade score than to be expelled. Not to mention that your reputation in school will bring you lots of enemies among your teachers.

Work Starts NOW!However, the punishment in school is less harmful than in your life. Why is that so? If you use these kinds of methods at your work you have to be prepared on harder punishment. As a matter of fact you can lose your job. Your company that you work for can sue you and punish financially. That is certainly something you do need. And you certainly don’t want to get in trouble or have problems with a police. This reputation will not just compromise you at your work; it can compromise you in your town and be a very bad reference in finding another one. So I suggest considering about before you decide to use this secret weapon for getting a day off.

I found incredible ideas at regarding on how you can find effective doctor’s notes template online.

Check out this article about acquiring a doctor’s excuse.

The Truth About Obesity

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This is a video showing statistics about obesity in the world. Create your diet today.

One Week to Lose Weight

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If you’re planning right now to lose weight, watch out this video and try the one-week diet challenge.

Fast Foods

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Fast foods are famous all over the world  because they are foods that taste good and don’t cost a lot of money. Everyone nowadays is relying on fast foods because according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), fast foods are quick alternatives to home-cooked meals. When we are in a hurry and do not have the time to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner, fast foods are just around the corner.

The most common at fast food outlets include hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, tacos, pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream. They are also called the “on-the-go” foods. But these are foods you shouldn’t have on a regular basis. Because fast food is high in sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol, this may cause health problems to you. Though many fast food chains are now serving zero trans fat and cholesterol-free foods which you may take once in a while.

Image result for fast food

A sample of fast foods.

Let’s Go Organic!

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Image result for organic foods to buy

Organic is a term that is used on a large variety of foods that have been produced through methods and practices that observe the standards of organic farming. Consuming organic foods is a great way to lower your exposure to contaminants usually found in foods that have been grown in a non-organic way.

Grapes, bell peppers, lettuce, apple, peach, celery, spinach, blueberries, and potatoes are some of the fruits and vegetables we can buy at our local supermarket which was usually grown organic. Also dairy products, grains, beef, sugars, honey, and syrups.

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